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Secure Your Job In Uncertain Times

Monday, November 23, 2009

By Courtney Pike, Director of Operations, JobBound

The headlines have not been pretty lately.  Job cuts. Lay offs. Terminations.  In such a rocky market, even all-star employees need to take care to secure their job.

You’ve worked hard through the job search.  Now, you’ve got a great job, so how can you fire-proof your position? 

1.  Save or Earn the Company Money. 
It’s all about the money.  If you look out for the company’s bottom line, they will look out for you.  Be a creative problem solver.  Can you rework processing fees to save money per transaction?  Can you reel in a couple big-name clients before the end of the year?  Can you re-negotiate agreements with vendors or can you offer to develop a few marketing pieces in-house?  Earn or save the company money, and you justify your salary.

2. Become Indispensable. 
You want to be the go-to person.  Take on new assignments.  Volunteer for projects.  If you are the one with the best relationship with the client, then your company can’t let you go.  If you led the company’s transition to the new computer system, then they need you around.  Be the leader that everyone turns to, be the employee that your boss cannot live without, or be the support person that holds the team together.  Make yourself integral to the business.

3. Be a Positive, Team Player.
Sometimes, determining who gets laid off can be pretty arbitrary.  No one likes a Debby Downer or a Mr. Doom and Gloom.  If you’re bad talking management or gossiping about a co-worker, then no one will stick up for you when it comes to deciding who stays and who goes. When the ship goes down, people want bright, positive team players with them. 

4.  Network Within the Company.
Most people know that they should network, but sometimes, they forget to network within their own company.  Do you know your boss’ boss?  Do you get any face time with senior management?  It’s a good idea to hang out at office holiday parties or office socials, and don’t be afraid to drop in and say hello to different departments.  If CEO Joe has never seen you or heard of you, then it’s easier for him to tell you bye-bye when it’s time for lay offs.

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