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“If You Were a Car, What Type of Car Would You Be?”

Every once and awhile, an interviewer may throw out an odd question just to see if you can think on your feet. The important thing to note is that they are not looking for the “right” answer. If they ask you “If you were stranded on a desert island, what one book would you have?” and you answer, The Iliad. They won’t immediately say, “Sorry, this interview is over; we were looking for War and Peace.

Try not to sweat these questions, and don’t be afraid to pause and think of an insightful answer. They simply are testing how you can perform under pressure.

Here is an example for an interviewer’s question: “If you were a car, what type of car would be you be and why?”

“That’s an interesing question. If I think in terms of cars, I would say I’m not the flashiest one in the lot. I don’t have a degree from Harvard or a 4.0, but I did make the Dean’s List at a top-notch, liberal arts university. I also know I have an admirable amount of drive, so I also wouldn’t be the old clunker that dies after it leaves the used car parking lot. If I were a car, I would likely be an Infinite G35 Sedan. This car is classic and dynamic but a little understated. It’s practical, but it still has zip and high performance. Just like me, it can handle curvy roads, take a few chances, and make it through any obstacles when the going gets tough. Infinite G35 Sedan - that’s me.”

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